Consider an incredible change in your life in the Sonoran Desert at Starr Pass

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About Starr Pass

In 1880 Richard Starr ran a stage coach trail through Starr Pass in the rugged Tucson Mountains giving visitors an opportunity to experience the wilds of western Tucson. More than 130 years later Starr Pass residential has developed this historic pass which is now Coyote Nine, hole number 6, where visitors from around the world can experience the magic of the Sonoran Desert.

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Luxury Homes in Tucson, Arizona
Starr Pass Realty

Located in Tucson, Arizona and embraced by the Tucson Mountain Wilderness Park, there is no one amenity that sets the area of Starr Pass apart. It’s the boundless amenities literally at your doorstep that make Starr Pass the place many people are proud to call home. We’re happy to provide Tucson luxury homes that speak for themselves.

Whether you are a golfer, tennis player, swimmer, fitness enthusiast, hiker, horseback rider, bicyclist, bird watcher, epicurean dinner or spa enthusiast…

Everything you love to do can be done in Starr Pass.

Consider a life of peaceful relaxation and enjoyable recreation. Come to Starr Pass where one visit can last a lifetime.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

Ryan Green

Very attentive staff listened and provided all the answers to help my parents feel comfortable in their decision to move to Starr Pass. 14 years later, they are happier here than they've ever been, anywhere else!

-via Google Reviews

Larry Shekll

Sharon and Brian Shinn did an excellent job selling our house on Red Bird Ct. With their feedback from potential buyer's visits, we made some minor improvements to make the house more saleable. They helped negotiate a very good sale price and the sale went smoothly. Living in Pennsylvania having a good agent and having them take care of all the details was comforting.

-via website

Jill and Peter Edmonson

Our recent move to Starr Pass has far exceeded our highest expectations. The spectacular scenery and outstanding amenities combine to provide us with an idyllic lifestyle.

-via website