Greg Schickling

Founder and Project Manager

I was inspired to start CryoWeave from both a customer and a manufacturer perspective. In the past, I had been frustrated by being treated poorly as the customer. Because of this, customer service and customer care became a foundation of CryoWeave’s business. Also, as a manufacturer, my department was consistently undervalued. Wiring was so often considered as an afterthought rather than a critical component. With 23 years of experience in prototype design and manufacturing electro-mechanical devises, I knew it was time to put those skills into a company I could trust.

I have NASA certification in soldering to mil-specifications; NASA STD 8739.4 and NASA STD 8739.3. My years of experience and problem-solving nature have trained me to be skilled in diagnosing and repairing down to the component level. My inventive nature led me to create the patented Proportional Body Positioning System. I am a designer who enjoys looking at the complex problems and finding the best solutions.

I believe in continuing scientific discovery which relies on quality pieces made for unique projects at prices that aren’t unnecessarily overpriced. That is why I designed this company to provide a win-win situation between price and quality.

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