About Us


Weaving solutions to your problems

Here at CryoWeave, we are guided by our 3 C’s Values: Customer, Craftsmanship, and Character.

By focusing on our customers first we ensure the products we deliver are exactly what you need. That is why we start our consolations with a casual friendly chat because we want to make sure that you get the solution you are looking for. When we send out the final product, you can trust that we manufactured and packaged it so arrives safe and on time. Great customer service and care is our direct expectation.

The craftsmanship of our products is of the utmost importance. We manufactured to exact specifications so there is no room for error. That is why we weave our flat ribbon cables and custom interconnects are all built by hand. Our consolation and design services allow us to meet individual requirements to guarantee that the solution we produce takes all the details into account.

At CryoWeave, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our character. This includes our personally high standards of quality. We emphasize the problem-solving mindset and attention to detail. We value both our employees and customers, who are all a part of our CryoWeave family. Who we are is shown by what we value, and we value our employees, our work, and our customers.

CryoWeave provides a wide range of products through the interconnection of our focus areas: Consulting, Designing, and Manufacturing. For scientists and engineers who need custom cables and wiring, CryoWeave is there to consult, design, and/or manufactures by hand these essential elements. We emphasize customer care with our products made especially for you at cost-effective prices.

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